Centro Ompio 2018

eurythmy summercamp 


Morten Klinkvort & Vera Koppehel

29.6. - 3.7.2018


Arrival: Friday 29.6.2018
Welcome OPENING: 5pm

Saturday, Sunday, Monday:
8:15 – Dewdrops - morning mood exercises
9:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Flow, improvisation, acting
13:30 - Lunch & 'Pooltime'
16:30 – Eurythmy and other surprises
19:30 -  Dinner
20:00 – StarLight - Evening lessons 

Tuesday - Departure after lunch
Morning Programm until 13:30  

Diving into the elementary world:

Inspired by scenes of William Shakesspeares MIDSUMMERNIGHTSDREAM.

Discover new challenges and develop your abilities with and through eurythmy, improvisation and acting. In silence, awareness and sensibility we will work with the special energy of nature and elemental forces around us. And we  will create our own performance to celebrate a 'MondayMoonEvening' by the fireplace.

Centro d’Ompio was founded with the goal to provide a space in which people can grow and free hidden energies. The place is situated on a sunny terrace in northern Italy, with a generous and spacious park, gardens and gorgeous chestnut trees. The noticeable energy of nature and the mild climate provide an ideal environment for people, who want to open themselves to meditation, personal growth and spiritual experience. The Eurythmy Summercamp will take place in the "DOME", a wonderful designed room with special acoustic qualities.

Fee: 660,- Euro / reduced 550,- Euro for eurythmy students 
included 4 nights room&board (3 vegetarian meals per day)
2 nights inside a house and 2 nights in a tent. If you can't bring your own tent we have some tents available.

Kursgebühr: 660,- Euro / ermässigt 550,- Euro für StudentInnen der Eurythmie 
darin enthalten sind pro Person:
4 Übernachtungen* plus Vollpension: 3 vegetarische Malzeiten pro Tag

* Beherbergung 2 Übernachtungen im Haus: Villa Felicia und 2 Übernachtungen im Zelt. 

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Anmeldung ab sofort unter: vera(at)

Wer den Aufenthalt gerne verlängern möchte ist herzlich eingeladen ab Donnerstag 5.Juli am Intensivseminarwochenende von SPIRITINSEVEN teilzunehmen.
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